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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wolf Worms, the Bot Fly, and The Lord of the Flies?

"Sharon Mooney" writes:
Hope you're not eating.
Botfly Info

Video of a Botfly being removed from a girls head

Human Botfly

Ed Babinski writes: The Designer sure knows how to invent creatures to bite and tear or debilitate other creatures.

I guess the Designer got bored with designing flies that just laid their eggs on excrement or on a dead carcass or on decaying vegetable matter (I'm not sure about the last one, but the designer could probably invent flies who did just that). Instead he had to design flies whose maggots lived and bred in an annoying fashion in the flesh of squirrels.

The Screw worm fly of Africa has to find a wound in the flesh of a cow or human being and lays its eggs there (since it's tiny mouth can't bite through the skin of the animals it lays its eggs upon). The eggs hatch and the maggots develop biting parts that allow them to burrow deeper and gorge themselves on their host, be it cow or man. They often bore into the lungs or even the brain, and the cow or human being dies. Oh that Designer!

I asked my daughter [as a Christian] if she believed God "created" that awful parasite on the squirrel (she saw the gross photos)... those worm parasites cause the nasty sac they lay up in, to "drain fluid". I nearly threw up looking at the photos. Anyway, I asked her if she believes God "designed" or "created" those parasites, and she answered me, "No." I asked her, "Then how did they get there? Where did they come from?" She thought and answered, "I don't know." I asked her then, "Do you think they could have evolved?" She thought and replied, "Probably."








That poor squirrel came back today and I just couldn't resist snapping more photos of this totally ugly, filthy, gross parasite.
Wolf Worm, Bot Flies Images

Bot Fly Fan Page!!!

"I was both fascinated and disgusted by the stories about bot flies and related what I was reading to my girlfriend, Heather, who was also grossed out. We participate in an online music community called Songfight! and had decided to write a song for the upcoming fight (April 27 - May 4). After reading about bot flies, the title "A Very Unlikely Occurrence" seemed to hold the most promise and Heather decided to write lyrics about bot flies. And so, this song was born":

Here are the lyrics in case you can't understand the words:

We are bot fly larvae!
We like our dinners fresh!
We are bot fly larvae!
Feeding on your flesh!

We burrow in your epidermis
To warble as we please
A very unlikely occurrence
Unless traveling in Belize

Mosquitoes give us transference
We're carried on their knees
Distance is no deterrence
We find our prey with ease

Cuz we are bot fly larvae!
We like our dinners fresh!
We are bot fly larvae!
Feeding on your flesh!

We'll dig into your scrota
To grow our metanota
Someday we'll pop right out
And then you'll know what that oozing bump was all about!

We are bot fly larvae!
We like our dinners fresh!
We are bot fly larvae!
Feeding on your flesh!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and maybe you can find some other bot fly enthusiasts with which to share it.
Damien Di Fede


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