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I used to be a huge fan of C. S. Lewis' apologetic arguments, but today I have my doubts (ht: Tyler Vela)

C. S. Lewis

I was a huge C. S. Lewis fan, read all of his Christian writings, but also read Beversliusʼ book on C. S. Lewis and the Search for Rational Religion and wrote my own criticisms of Lewisʼ arguments:

  1. C. S. Lewis: Provocative, Poignant & Profound Words

  2. C. S. Lewis Resources: Pro and Con

  3. My journey and the role C. S. Lewis played in it

  4. C.S. Lewis & Josh McDowell

  5. Prior Prejudices and the Argument from Reason

  6. C. S. Lewis and the Cardinal Difficulty of Naturalism

  7. Edited Collection of C. S. Lewisʼ final letters (with a bit of Hitchen on Lewis at the end)

  8. C. S. Lewisʼs “Man or Rabbit?” and Eric Hofferʼs “The True Believer”

  9. Moral Objectivity, C. S. Lewis, Victor Reppert, Edward T. Babinski

  10. The Gospel of John and C. S. Lewis

    C. S. Lewisʼ “Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism”

    Some Reflections on C. S. Lewisʼ “Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism”

  11. Literary Criticism and Historical Accuracy of the Gospels — C. S. Lewis, Jesus, Boswellʼs Johnson, and the Usefulness/Uselessness of Literary Criticism to Nail Down Historical Truth

  12. Did the historical Jesus speak about the necessity of being “born again?” Questions raised by Bart Ehrman and David Friedrich Strauss

  13. Scent from heaven? Who nose? Do tales of Jesusʼ anointing, resurrection & bodily ascension, bear the aroma of truth?

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