Human Giants over ten feet tall? No solid evidence. Kent Hovind and other creationists aren't even curious enough to research the tall tales they help spread.

Human Giants over ten feet tall?

Human Giants

A “Human Giant” Unearthed in Early Nineteenth Century Sicily?
Creationists, Carl Baugh and Kent Hovind never expressed any curiosity as to where Burdickʼs “photo” of a “human skeleton over ten feet tall” originated, neither could they tell me when I [Ed Babinski] asked them. I kept asking around the internet until someone who knew Burdick before he had died sent me information concerning the photoʼs origin. The photo was taken with improper focus, and it is not a photo from the 1800s but a blurry photo of a hand-engraved illustration that was specially created to appear in a book from the 1800s, a book of unsubstantiated tales.

Giant Animals in the Past and Giant Human Being over Ten Feet Tall
(I cite cases of very large and very small animals co-existing in past ages, even today, and I cite an article on the topic of both the “Nephilim” and “Goliath” from a conservative Southern Baptist publication).

Biblical Giants and Dinosaur Bones

by Michael S. Heiser, Evangelical Christian and Scholar-in-Residence for Logos Bible Software. (Logos is the leading creator of software for research in the original languages of the Bible and digital library collections for biblical studies. Heiser is responsible for reviewing academic content and creating digital tools for classroom use or independent learners. Heister is also Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies, Liberty University Distance Learning Program; Lynchburg, VA), and he is the author of “Giants—Greco-Roman Antiquity,” in the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, vol. 10 (Berlin: Verlag Walter de Gruyter, 2015), and, “When Giants Walked the Earth,” Bible Study Magazine 1:4 (May-June, 2009).

According to Heiser:

“Nephilim are clearly cast as giants in the Old Testament, though I do not believe any such people were taller than unusually tall people of today, see

Additional pieces by Heiser on “human giants” are on this page. See also his blog entry, “Dinosaur Petroglyphs and a Lesson in Intellectual Dishonesty

In two books to be published 2015 Heiser tackles the question “Who were the Nephilim?” and many more questions.

Dinosaurs & Humans Co-Existed?

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