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Agnosticism and Atheism

  1. Have any FAMOUS atheists ever converted to Christianity? (C.S. Lewis and Josh McDowell)
  2. What has atheism contributed to 'artistic creation?'
  3. Famed Atheist Philosopher, Antony Flew, Now a Theist/Deist
  4. Anthony Flew's Conversion
  5. What is an Anti-Christian?
  6. Christianity and Atheism
  7. How Believers Believe, Why Doubters Continue to Question
  8. Atheist Benefactor / Christian Benefactor
  9. Protestantism in England / Humanism, Deism & Atheistic Contributions to Civilization
  10. Today's Teenagers are Deists
  11. Agnosticism: Reasons to Leave Christianity
  12. Morality by Dave E. Matson
  13. George Carlin is an Uncompromising Idealist
  14. Understanding Atheists
  15. What Is an Atheist?

Biblical Errancy

  1. Doubts About The Names and Numbers in Biblical Genealogies
  2. Discovery Institute, Ancient Texts and God Judging on Ignorance
  3. Arian Controversy, Theodosian Code, Justinian Code and the Trinity
  4. The More Knowledge The More Grief?
  5. Stories of Men Swallowed by Whales
  6. Bible Errors by Dave E. Matson
  7. Genesis and Chinese Characters
  8. Genesis and Chinese Characters
  9. Why I Doubt that Fire-Breathing Dinosaurs Exist
  10. Does the Bible Speak of the Brain? - Heart vs. Mind in Bible
  11. Jericho
  12. Obvious Questions Concerning Whether Or Not Moses Wrote the Pentateuch
  13. Book of Revelation
  14. N.T. Wright and Theological Criticism
  15. The Tree of Life and Ancient Tree Worship
  16. Ancient Views Of Biblical Writers On The Afterlife
  17. Preterism and Study of the Apocalypse
  18. Does the Bible Speak of the Brain?
  19. The Bible And Slavery
  20. The Golden Rule and Christian Apologetics
  21. The "Born Again" Dialogue In the Gospel of John
  22. Was the Wickedness of Sodom Homosexuality?
  23. Heart, Head and Mind - Prescientific Ignorance in the Bible
  24. Paradise Lost
  25. Can We Find Atonement in the Passover? (Written by Craig Lyons)
  26. What Happened to the Resurrected Saints?
  27. The Birth of Satan: Tracing the Devil's Biblical Roots
  28. Ezekiel's Prophecy of Tyre: a failed prophecy by Dave E. Matson
  29. The Bible vs. Modern Science
  30. Myth of a Massive Exodus of Hebrews from Egypt and their Overnight Genocidal Conquest
  31. Flat Earth in the Bible
  32. Is the Number of the Beast 666 or 616 ?
  33. Sheol and the Afterlife - Several Views on Afterlife in the Bible
  34. Exagerrated Ages Sumerian/Babylonian Kings vs. Hebrew Patriarchs
  35. Bible not intending to Deceive?
  36. Lilith: Adam's First Wife
  37. Biblical Resurrection and Daniel Questions
  38. What Is "Missing" From Conservative Christian Apologetics? The Body of Jesus
  39. Book of Enoch
  40. On Prayer and the book of Daniel
  41. Peter's Denial of Jesus: How Many Times did the Cock Crow?
  42. Biblical Exaggerations
  43. Question of the "Appearance" to "over 500"
  44. Why Four Gospels?
  45. "Curse on the Serpent" in Genesis Bites the Dust
  46. Miracles, Mother Mary and Divine Healing
  47. Hell and Heaven, Satan, and Christian Superstition
  48. Hell is an Evolved Concept by Dave E. Matson
  49. What "In The Image" of God Meant to the Early Hebrews
  50. Jesus was not the first to teach 'Love Your Enemy'
  51. Number of the Beast
  52. Origin of Lucifer, Satan, the Dragon
  53. How Do I Deal with the Multitude of Prophetic Passages?
  54. Thallus question and the non-historicity of Jesus' resurrection miracles
  55. "What Happened To The Resurrected Saints?" The Christian Think Tank Response
  56. Five Questions Concerning "The Resurrection"
  57. Theomatics - 616 or 666
  58. What Happened to the Body of Jesus?
  59. Who Was Jesus? -Skeptics Debate Without Agreement


  1. "Fundamentals of Freethought," by Marshall J. Gauvin, Peter Eckler Publishing Company, New York, ©1922 [Transcription to web provided by Sharon Mooney (and Bill Restemeyer, Did Jesus Christ Really Live?). Original publication, courtesy of the library owned by David Mooney.]
  2. "Essays of an Atheist," by Woolsey Teller, The Truth Seeker Company, Inc. ©1945 [Transcription to web provided by Sharon Mooney. Original publication, courtesy of the library owned by David Mooney.]
  3. "History of the Christian Church," by Henry C. Sheldon, Boston University, Thomas Y. Crowell and Company, New York; ©1895 [Transcription to web provided by Sharon Mooney.]
  4. "44 Complete Lectures" by Robert G. Ingersoll. M.A. Donohue & Company, Chicago - New York ©1924. [Transcription to web provided by Sharon Mooney. Original publication, courtesy of the library owned by David Mooney.]

Cetacean Evolution

  1. Introduction to The Evolution of Cetaceans
  2. The Evolution of Whales, Adapted from National Geographic, November 2001
  3. Whale Evolution and Atavistic Hind Limbs on Modern Whales
  4. Dolphin Hind Legs - Hind Limb Bud Images, Dolphin Embryo Hindlimb in Fetus Development (Images Courtesy of Dr. J.G.M. Thewissen)
  5. Plus,
    1. Hind Limb Rudiments on Modern Whales, Example One
    2. Hind Limb Rudiments on Modern Whales, Example Two
    3. Hind Limb Rudiments on Modern Whales, Example Three
    4. Hind Limb Rudiments on Modern Whales, Example Four
    5. Hind Limb Rudiments on Modern Whales, Example Five

  6. Photos of Limb Rudiments on Modern Day Whales (Whale Mount photos courtesy of Milwaukee Public Museum and commentary by Dr. J.G.M. Thewissen of NEOUCOM.)
  7. Review of Overselling of Whale Evolution
  8. Land to Sea: Inner Ear Transitions in Whales
  9. Nasal Drift in Early Whales / Review Of A Whale of a Tale? (Ambulocetus)
  10. Review of Strange Tale of the Leg on the Whale
  11. Review of Strange Tale of the Leg on the Whale
  12. Pelvic Bones on Whales, Ambulocetus
  13. Cetacean Folly: Whales with Hind Limbs? Email Exchange
  14. Evolutionary Atavisms
  15. Dolphin Hind Limbs - Response to Answers in Genesis (AiG)
  16. Shore Whaling: A World Industry, (Extinction of Whales)
  17. Answers in Genesis' Response on Evidence for Whale Evolution
  18. Sea Cows, Manatee and Sirenia Evolution
    1. Origin of Sirenians
    2. Images of Sirenians, Sea Cow, Dugong, Manatee
    3. Sirenian Evolution: Elephant to Sea Cow (Dugong and Manatees)
  19. Snake Evolution - Photos of Vestigial Hind Limbs on Snakes
    1. Python pelvic girdle and snake evolution
  20. Genetic Mutations in Humans: From Feet to Flippers
  21. Visual Evidence for Evolution
  22. British Creation Society vs. Whale Evolution
  23. Photos of hind limb rudiments on modern day whales (and creationist "answers")


  1. The Holy Heavens of the Hebrews
  2. Review of Colson's Review of Rare Earth
  3. Martin Luther, John Calvin and Biblical Flat Earth Passages
  4. Creation, Evolution And The Second Law of Thermodynamics
  5. Ancient American Cosmology
  6. Interpretations of Biblical Cosmology
  7. Galileo Galilei, Heliocentrism, Geocentrism and the Telescope
  8. Geocentrism, the Flat Earth and Modern Astronomy
  9. How the Moon Formed
  10. The Planet Jupiter
  11. Did the ancient Sumerians know about our "solar system?"
  12. Geocentrism and Modern Astronomy - Bible Does Say That the Earth Does Not Move
  13. Genesis, Creation of Moon and Modern Astronomy
  14. Ancient Hebrew Conception of the Universe and Flat Earth Biblical Belief by Adrian Swindler
  15. Tower of Babel and Geocentrism


  1. Lies Creationists Tell: The Julian Huxley Lie
  2. Creationists' Misuse of Quotations
  3. The Bill of Rights: "We hold these truths..." Conversation with Vic Reppert.
  4. From YEC (Young Earth Creationist) to Evolutionist
  5. Old Earth Creationism - Ideal Moment in Time for Humans To Have Been Created?
  6. Creation Science: How One Former Creationist Evolved
  7. No Death or Decay Before the Fall?
  8. Creationists Doubt Dinosaur and Human Tracks Found Together
  9. Giant Animals in past and Giant Human Being over ten feet tall
  10. Science and Scripture
  11. Old Earth Creationism and Scientific Journey from Faith
  12. Intelligent Design to Natural Selection there are a spectrum of views
  13. Do Rabbits Chew A Cud?
  14. Giants in Early Australia
  15. Jonah, the Fish and the Whale
  16. Dinosaur Bones and the Age of the Earth
  17. Ed Conrad's "Man as old as Coal"
  18. Challenge to Dr. Kent Hovind to provide empirical evidence for Creationism
  19. Varieties of Scientific Creationism
  20. Edward T. Babinski Speeches, VIDEOS
  21. Creationism and Human Evolution
  22. The Paluxy Mantracks Story
  23. Stellar Evolution, Grand Canyon, Loch Ness Monster and Humans and Dinosaurs in Bible?
  24. Genesis, Evolution and Bernard Ramm
  25. Meeting God and Asking God Scientific Questions
  26. Science is no longer a search for *truth*?
  27. Transcendental Argument for God's Existence


  1. Newton and Darwin and Wallace and "false analogies"
  2. Do You Fear What Might Happen If The World Believed In Evolution?
  3. Bovine Evolution and Bat Evolution
  4. Darwin to Hitler: Weikart, the Discovery Institute, and History
  5. Extinction
  6. The Story In Genesis Does Not Match The Story In Our Genes
  7. Evidence that human chromosome #2 resulted from the fusion of two chimp chromosomes
  8. What is an Evolutionist? Theistic Evolution and Darwinism?
  9. Darwin's Forgotten Christian Defenders
  10. Darwin and Eugenics
  11. Isaac Newton's Dishonesty
  12. Aldous Huxley - An Anti-Darwinist Criticism
  13. Evolution in Bacteria
  14. Three Cheers For Christian Evolutionists!
  15. Christian Evolutionist Resources
  16. Darwinism or Directed Mutations?
  17. Darwin and Hitler, on The Topics of Evolutionary Ethics
  18. CREATIONISM, Intelligent Design (I.D.) and EVOLUTION
  19. Evolution of Communication in Primates
  20. From Darwin to Hitler
  21. Man, the Social Animal
  22. How A Living Organism Becomes a Fossil
  23. Fossils - A General Introduction
  24. An overview of Earth's Geological Timeline
  25. Vendian Period and the Origins of Life
  26. Fossil History in Europe
  27. Canadian Rockies: A Geologist's Paradise, National Geographic, June 1911
  28. Geological Eons, Eras, Periods and Epochs, and How Fossils Are Used
  29. Geology at Torrey Pines, San Onofre and Del Mar Formation
  30. Videos of Primitive Eye Spot
  31. Are miracles more falsifiable than neo-darwinism?
  32. Response to 'Darwinism and the Nazi Race Holocaust'
  33. Michael Denton, is now an Evolutionist
  34. Two Short Poems on the Nature of Scientific Explanations and God and Science


  1. Edward T. Babinski and Dave Armstrong (Catholic Apologist)
  2. Edward T. Babinski and Victor Reppert

Flood Geology

  1. Why Isn't "Flood Geology" Accepted Today?
  2. Creationist "Flood Geology" Versus Common Sense?
  3. Why I Believe the Earth Is Old
  4. Mountains of Ararat
  5. Henry Morris's "explanation" of the "Tower of Babel" incident
  6. Diatoms and the Global Flood
  7. Mt. St. Helens, Flood Geology, Modern Geology, The Age of the Earth
  8. Sedimentation - Lamination Experiment
  9. Order of the Geologic Column and Flood Geology

Former Fundamentalism

  1. Banned Book: About Leaving the Fold by Edward T. Babinski
  2. "Boys are Stupid" Campaign and Glenn Sacks
  3. Perfect World
  4. Society, Science and Evolution
  5. Friends
  6. Reviews of Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists
  7. Leaving the Fold and Young Earth Creationism
  8. Origins of the Cross
  9. Twenty Thousand Different Christian Denominations Can't Be All Wrong! (OR Can They?)
  10. Abortion and the Bible
  11. Chick Tracts and Missionaries
  12. Christian Persecution and the Bible
  13. Christianity's Superiorities
  14. Cross-Carrying Street Evangelists?
  15. Dare to Think for Yourself: A Journey from Faith to Reason
  16. Ten Commandments Controversy - America Founded on Judaic-Christian Priniciples
  17. Gnostic Christian Testimony
  18. "Get your hands off our God, God haters!" by John, the Aging Hippy
  19. Hell
  20. India has no reason to be grateful to Mother Teresa
  21. Inter-Denominational Marriages
  22. Judas and Christianity
  23. Mother Teresa and Missionaries
  24. Christianity is Both Cynically and Laughably Offensive
  25. Religion is not the Problem
  26. Review of Mel Gibson's 'The Passion'
  27. Onward Christian Soldiers
  28. Pentecostals and Tongue-Speaking
  29. True Christian
  30. Unitarian Universalists
  31. What Unselfish Reason Is There To Enter A Religion?
  32. Converts to Fundamentalist Christianity
  33. Josh McDowell - Atheist Convert to Christianity?
  34. Salvation, Faith and Pentecostals
  35. Alternative to the Twelve Steps: Rational Recovery and SMART
  36. Fundamentalists - Helpful Links
  37. Don't feel like you quite belong?
  38. Changes we undergo "without knowing why"
  39. Christopher Reeve (1952-2004)
  40. Religion as Gang-Warfare - Coming to a Theater Near You
  41. Richard Yao: Founder of the Original "Fundamentalists Anonymous" Resurfaces (briefly)
  42. My Advice About Debating With Christians
  43. The Great Awakening, Revivals and Calvinism
  44. Why Jesus?
  45. Christian Psychologist admits manic-depression amongst Pentecostals
  46. The Meaning of Life - Heaven and Hell
  47. Martyrdom, Fundamentalism and Christianity
  48. Original Thoughts on The Original Sin
  49. Evangelism, Scandals and Christian Indifference
  50. What is Fundamentalism?
  51. The Psalms, God and Mother Nature (A Satirical Criticism)
  52. Former Pentecostal Testimony
  53. Guillaume's Testimony, "Recovering from Christianity"
  54. Still Silent, My Journey through Christianity, by Kevin
  55. Mel's Former Fundamentalist Story
  56. Testimony about the Worldwide Church of God
  57. End Times Prophecies

History and Theology

  1. Science and Christianity
  2. The "Abominable Fancy"
  3. Calvin, the Reformers and their Animosities
  4. Must Civilization Fail Without Christianity?
  5. Must Civilization Fail Without Christianity? (Continuation)
  6. Another Letter by Constantine
  7. Execution of A Child and Adulterers in Calvin's Geneva
  8. Doctrines on the Original Sin
  9. Helen Keller, Emanuel Swedenborg and Universalism
  10. Hell's Final Enigma
  11. Origins of Hospitals
  12. Origins of Hospitals and Schools of Higher Learning
  13. Hypatia of Alexandria
  14. Christian Intolerance, Historic Examples
  15. Isaac Watts, Hymn-meister
  16. "From Jesus to Christ", Newsweek Defends Resurrection as History
  17. On the Justinian Code
  18. King James was Gay
  19. Calvin's Geneva and Religious Persecution
  20. Library of Alexandria and Christian Destruction of Paganism
  21. "Possessed by Beliefs," "Memes," and "Mental Microbes"
  22. Florence Nightingale, The Red Cross and Christianity
  23. Review of Dr. Os Guinness's Lecture
  24. Persecution and Religious Bigotry
  25. Christianity being proved 'true' by the persecution of Christians
  26. Christianity's "Power to Do Good"
  27. Thirty Years War and Protestants Killing Catholics
  28. Threatening Others In the Name of God
  29. Reconstructionist Christianity
  30. Mutual Animosities of the Protestant Reformers
  31. Ten Commandments and Commandments from other Religions
  32. Witches, Divination, Magic and Satanism
  33. A Primer for Young Calvinists
  34. Catholics
  35. G.K. Chesterton's Universalism
  36. Chicken Soup For The Damned Soul: Pentecostals and Evangelicals
  37. Mind-Body Dualism and Possibility of Artificial Intelligence, Even “Born Again” Machines!
  38. Edited Collection of C. S. Lewis's Final Letters
  39. Literary Criticism and Historical Accuracy of the Gospels
  40. C. S. Lewis and the Cardinal Difficulty of Naturalism
  41. C. S. Lewis's "Man or Rabbit?" and Eric Hoffer's "The True Believer"
  42. C.S. Lewis Resources
  43. C. S. Lewis’ “Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism”
  44. Evangelical Theological Society Purges "Heretics"
  45. Satanism, Demon Posession, Exorcisms and Ritual Abuse
  46. Southern Baptist History 101
  47. Free Will Is No Excuse by Dave E. Matson
  48. Jerry Falwell's book, Strength for the Journey
  49. Miracles by Robert M. Price
  50. On Glenn Miller on Miracles by Robert M. Price
  51. No, I Don't Believe in a Personal Devil or a Personal Savior
  52. Pictures of Demons and Satan
  53. Largest religious bodies -- listed by number of adherents
  54. Scholars Comment on N.T. Wright's Resurrection Arguments
  55. Christian apologist, Lee Strobel, in "Faith Under Fire"
  56. A Critique of Tabernacle-ology (
  57. Images of Witches, Demons, Devils, and Werewolves

Intelligent Design

  1. What is Intelligent Design?
  2. Conversation with William Dembski on Intelligent Design
  3. Intelligent Design (I.D.) and Isaac Newton
  4. Random Mutations and the Intelligent Design Hypothesis
  5. Intelligent Design, Chromosomes and Genes
  6. The Fine-Tuning Hypothesis, an alternative to the Intelligent Design Hypothesis?
  7. The Not-So-Intelligent Designer (Or, The Divine Tinkerer Hypothesis)
  8. "God" and Chaotic Inflation Theory
  9. Human Value According to the Cosmos and also According to the Bible?
  10. Question for I.D.ers (Intelligent Design) concerning the "waste" and "junk" in nature
  11. Mark Twain Questions the Intelligent Design (I.D.) Hypothesis
  12. Intelligent Design: God in the Classroom
  13. Review of The Science of God
  14. Irreducible match of orchid and moth?
  15. Universal Negatives and Random Mutations

Political Viewpoint

  1. America's Military Spending, and the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars in Fiscal Perspective
  2. Factcheck: "Good" Things Clinton Did vs. "Bad" Things Bush Did
  3. Christians Have as Many Abortions as Everyone Else, Catholics Have More
  4. Death Penalty and Abortion Facts and Figures
  5. Divorce and Abortion
  6. Leaving Iraq with Honor
  7. World on Edge of Crisis?
  8. George W. Bush goes Ape
  9. Dr. D. James Kennedy's "Scholarship"
  10. Male vs. Female Brain: Aptitude and Intelligence
  11. America and its "Christian Heritage"
  12. The Bible, Prayer and American History
  13. The Brain of the Believer
  14. Edward T. Babinski's Video Picks
  15. Alpha Male: Planet of the Apes, Bush, Limbaugh et al
  16. A Nation "Blessed By God"
  17. Imprecatory Prayer and Capitol Hill
  18. Dr. James Kennedy
  19. George and Jeb Bush: Unfair Election in Florida
  20. Civil War, Slavery and John Ashcroft
  21. World Population Is a Problem, Perhaps the Biggest
  22. Constitution of the United States
  23. Discrimination in the Job Market by Sharon Mooney


  1. Lightning and Enlightenment - Ben Franklin and the Lightning Rod
  2. "Brain and Mind Question" and Christian Theistic Philosophers
  3. I.D. (Intelligent Design) for I.DUMMIES
  4. Religiously active live longer?
  5. Probability by Dave E. Matson
  6. Miracle of the Orthodox Church: "Holy Fire" Every Easter in Jerusalem
  7. Book Review of Y : The Descent of Men By Steve Jones
  8. Skeptics and Mediums Debate on Larry King Live
  9. Near Death Experiences
  10. Universalism, Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife
  11. Christians Debunk Resurrection of Buddhist Monk in Myanmar (Burma)
  12. STIGMATA, an opinion


  1. Visual Evolution, Collection of photographic evidence for evolution
  2. Cretinism vs. Evilution, 1995 by E.T. Babinski
  3. Monkey's Uncle, 1985 by E.T. Babinski
  4. How Good Are Those Young Earth Arguments? by Dave E. Matson
  5. The Uniqueness of the Christian Experience by Edward T. Babinski. Critique of the final chapter in Josh McDowell's 'Evidence That Demands A Verdict'.
  6. The Lowdown on God's Showdown by Edward T. Babinski
  7. Introducing Archaeology Series by Joel Ng
  8. Common Sense Versus The Bible by Dave E. Matson


  1. Amazing how the religions of Atheism and its sibling Evolution have copied the religious methodology of smothering everything with an avalanche of words.
    According to the Bible, there is no religion from God EVER past present and future.
    Religion is just a handy handmaiden for government to control subdued citizens of their domains, who has lost her virginity long ago.
    More on my site where I try to expose all the relibious hores especially Christianity from within their own claimed foundation: the BIBLE, while in no way tipping the baby out with the bathwater. Religion a sham invention of tribal leaders! However, He who created little parcels or packets of His immense dynamic energy we call atoms and used these to as building blocks for fashioning the material world WOW, all credit to him. Nothing has ever made itself, neither has nothing to be anything but nothing. That is why I am still an ayetheist after leaving the religion of most of my life! Just have a poke around my site:
    Have a great day and take care out there.

  2. Don't group all religiouns together. Christianity is a religion which promotes love peace and justice. If it were not for Christianity their would be no order and no freedoms. The site owner and this user need to read real history. Not make up imganative narratives in their mind. You people should be thanking Christianity and Christians mainly Catholics who build western civilization not attacking them.

    Typical hateful agnostics and atheists you people are both the same. You spend your entire lives hating Chrisitans not being morally good productive human beings. Why don't you people get lives instead of hatefully trolling on the internet all time. Go build charities oh I forgot Christians are the most charitable people on earth not agnostics or atheists. Keep hating. If God exists and he created us even if it be through evolution. This same God would guide us and that guidance is Christianity. But unfortunately people like the blog owner don't
    Want to follow Christianity because the teachings are too hard for him to follow.